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Art Therapy Articles

This is a post I will be updating on a regular basis as I continue to research Art Therapy and its uses with different service user groups. The list as follows details links to articles of interest and an overview of their content. It is broken up into subsections, concerning Art Therapy with learning disabilities, in clinical settings, international practice, with mental health and with those living with dementia.

Although this is a compilation of things I find personally interesting, anyone is welcome to use this list as a means of research or to learn what Art Psychotherapy is and how it works. I have found researching and working as an aspiring Art Therapist quite isolating at times so it is my hope that by consolidating this information here I can offer inspiration and motivation for others working towards the same goal.


The British Association of Art Therapists website offers information about what Art Therapy is and how it works:

Overview of Art Therapy and its uses:

CHROMA - UK’s only national provider of arts therapies services


Story of a young autistic girl and her talent for painting

Jon Adams talking about his later life diagnosis with autism and how creativity plays a part with his self expression

Experiences of teaching art to autistic children, ideas for art lessons and practical advice on different approaches to art making

Pinterest of ideas for art sessions with children

Why art therapy works with those with learning disabilities:

Examples of art created by individuals with learning disabilities:

Results and goals of art with people with learning disabilities:

Examples of exercises and case studies of a practicing Art Psychotherapist:

Getting people with learning disabilities involved in and access to art galleries:

Multimedia workshops and exhibitions based in Newcastle upon Tyne:

The importance of art for people with learning disabilities and tips for working with different levels of ability:

A young woman exploring how art helps her express herself and how a creative education can unlock people’s hidden potential:

Video containing tips for guidelines and outcomes for working creatively with individuals with learning disabilities:


Art Therapy with patients with cancer:


Art Relief International programs in Thailand:

Working with asylum seekers:


Rita Simon, another pioneer of Art Therapy in the UK and the collection of work created by children and adults with mental illnesses

Symbolic Images in Art as Therapy, Rita Simon - fascinating book looking at the relationship between the pysche and the creative actions made during the art process.,+ARCHAIC+MASSIVE,+TRADITIONAL+LINEAR+and+TRADITIONAL+MASSIVE)&source=bl&ots=st2JfAI1Ok&sig=s0tQq0pjb8Om-4ZFmU76H4aT--k&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjP66uGi6LWAhVHKMAKHfzqD7UQ6AEIODAB#v=onepage&q=ARCHAIC%20LINEAR%2C%20ARCHAIC%20MASSIVE%2C%20TRADITIONAL%20LINEAR%20and%20TRADITIONAL%20MASSIVE)&f=false

Interesting article discussing the help art therapy can give to those with schizophrenia and the critiques of this particular case study

Art Therapy with the charity 'Mind'

Example of an individual expressing emotions through a sketchbook after attending an art therapy session:


Cognitive Dynamics offers programs that foster dignity and validate Alzheimer’s patients in their current state, helping to honor their life stories, restore and preserve their sense of self:

Art programs by the New York Museum of Modern Art are presented on location to those with Alzheimer's and other dementia to provide an art outreach program for individuals living with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers:

Arts 4 Dementia is a charity that aims to help to develop and co-ordinate dynamic high-quality events at arts venues as cognitive rehabilitation for families affected by dementia - from diagnosis (they are running a training day on the 27th September 2017):

'I Remember Better When I Paint' article about the positive response to art workshops:

Scholarly paper on a case study of the results of art therapy:

Art Therapy And Dementia: How Creativity Helps Unlock Alzheimer’s Patients’ Thoughts And Fears:

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