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No Thanks Mate.

'No thanks mate.’ explores stories of sexual harassment, asking fellow womxn to submit their own unsolicited interactions. After experiencing such incidences on a personal level, I decided to give voice to these stories through physical artwork, ensuring the experiences were not ignored or forgotten. Through creating this piece, I hope to provide and represent a safe space where womxn can share and reflect on the impact of sexual harassment.

Themes of toxic masculinity, sexual harassment and the patriarchy are explored in this work in progress. Stitched on a bed sheet to represent the sexual, yet everyday connotation of many of these stories - it voices both personal and others’ experiences. The piece ensures viewers see as well as hear the stories, pushing back against the frustration of not being heard and the lack of accountability. Perhaps if there has never been an apology or admission of guilt for those involved, I hope this piece will offer a source of healing for those still processing.

To get involved in future story telling please message: @_no_thanks_mate_  on Instagram or email

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