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All Seeing Eyes

Inspired by the voyeuristic society young women grow up in, this garment explores what is it like to live in a world where you are constantly watched whether that be through the lens of the media, by our peers or even through a mirror.


By representing a dualistic view of how we wish to be seen and how we are actually seen it explores the intrusive and reflective nature of observation.


Born out of an uncomfortable consciousness of the ‘male gaze’, the jacket expresses the wish to subvert the ‘watching’ by returning the gaze of the viewer. They are then, in turn, confronted by their own feelings associated with being watched.


By using the traditional mediums of textiles and hand embroidery, both typically associated with women's craft, the jacket becomes a second skin, a feminist challenge to the patriarchy and everyday sexism.


This constant state of ‘being seen’ can become exhausting and wearing, reflected in the fraying of the textile appliqué. The use of a casual wear item such as a denim jacket addresses the surprisingly causal attitude in society towards the voyeurism the female population experiences from a young age.


Pulling on cultural symbols such as the Evil Eye, the garment also acts as a talisman, to ward off malicious looks, thoughts or situations – keeping the wearer safe.


The jacket communicates a message that is both literally eye-catching and eye-opening.

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